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Bespoke Designer OHIMAI ATAFO’s Personal Style Is A Perfect Reflection Of His Sophisticated Brand


Bespoke Designer OHIMAI ATAFO’s Personal Style Is A Perfect Reflection Of His Sophisticated Brand


n recent times, there has been a steady rise in the relevance of Nigerian fashion designers as they have become even more sought out for both locally and internationally. We can’t help but feel proud with every collaboration deal they close, every time their piece is featured on an international runway, music video or front cover editorial. It has been interesting watching Nigerian designers get to the place they are now and one of the groundbreaking designers who has helped make it possible through his contribution to the industry is bespoke fashion designer and media expert Ohimai Atafo popularly known as just Mai Atafo.

After leaving a well paid job as a brand manager at Guinness, Ohimai launched his fashion brand MAI (Mai Atafo Inspired) in 2007, which focused on suits and glamorous dresses mostly for Red Carpet events. The success of this led to the launch of ‘Weddings By Mai‘ which focuses on design of wedding dresses, suits and other wedding clothing needs. The critically acclaimed movie Wedding Party 1 as well as several celebrity weddings speak volumes of this brand. 

ohimai atafo style rave

In the years that he has been active on the scene, Mai has become one of the most recognized and sort out Designers in Nigeria. In the same vein, he has managed to successfully put Nigeria on the global fashion map, and gotten to be compared with such international brands like Valentino and Dolce and Gabana. 

Mai Atafo’s personal style embodies the values of his brand: class and sophistication. Mai is almost always found wearing his own pieces and dare I say, he doesn’t need a brand ambassador because he exudes so much class whether wearing a suit or a traditional Agbada. Without a doubt, Mai’s ability to stay true to himself and his style is the reason for his inspiring success.

Scroll down to see some of our favourite times Mai Atafo slayed in MAI… 



Photo credit: IG | maiatafo

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