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Paris Men’s Fashion Week: DIOR Homme Takes It Back To The 90s With The Fall/Winter 2018 Collection


Paris Men’s Fashion Week: DIOR Homme Takes It Back To The 90s With The Fall/Winter 2018 Collection


The Paris Men’s Fashion Week featured quite a lot of great fashion moments and one collection which stuck out as the most daring was the Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2018 collection, designed by creative director Kris Van Assche. Kris decided to take Dior Homme back to its roots in sharp tailoring. The brand sought to explore the increasingly blurred lines found between the formal and informal, fine tailoring and street wear, and fleeting youth versus approaching manhood.

Kris revealed that the inspiration behind the collection was influenced by tailoring and 1990s sportswear styles. He deconstructed the Dior Homme suit to reveal the super slimline silhouette which was modified with belts lifted above the pant-line to be cinched in around the waist while labels and logos were moved to more visible locations at the base of the sleeve and then the ultimate visual cue for ’00s nostalgia – tribal tattoos – were embellished throughout the collection, appearing on lapels, collars, coats, side bags, and even shaved into one of the model’s haircuts, which appears to be a trend this season.

The collection also featured other ’00s references such as super loose denim jeans, short-sleeve T-shirts layered over long-sleeve T-shirts, waistcoats, and striped tops in black/yellow and black/red. It can be seen that the collection also served to blend both the reckless abandon of youth and retrospection of age, creating a form of duality and marriage between informal and formal dress codes which was particularly distinct.

Check out the offerings of the collection…

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