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Embrace The Blue And White PORCELAIN PRINT, One Of 2018’s Rising Fashion Trends

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Embrace The Blue And White PORCELAIN PRINT, One Of 2018’s Rising Fashion Trends


The doll house, the tea parties, all ‘porcelain’ art and come 2018 the fashion world is once again reviving what was once ‘OLD’ and turning it into something ‘NEW’. The origin of this pattern dates back to 206 BC during the Han Dynasty in China; making China the birthplace of this glorious art. Just like the Ankara, every detail on this print was to provide a wealth of inspiration. The intricacies of the designs were a symbol of power, culture and strength.

The most popular print has to be the blue and white porcelain pattern. In 2005 Roberto Cavalli was heavily inspired by the art, launching a ready-to-wear collection which showcased a silk gown with the blue and white patterns – the art provided a dragon, fierce as the front and center or what you might call the main attraction of the outfit. Over the years other colours and patterns have taken center stage. Take for example, Rihanna’s 2015 Met gala golden yellow ball gown which was the center of attraction along side Jennifer Lopez’s gorgeous sheer bedazzled red dress.

Now, a couple plus years since 2005, the blue and white porcelain pattern is back all thanks to Gucci. Of course the blue and white aren’t the only colours that was launched at the Pre-Fall collection show. It was clear that Gucci was heavily inspired by the Chinese art but the Gucci Cruise Collection which featured a silk blue and white porcelain dress has sparked a revival of this once forgotten fabric.

It’s your turn to get on with the classic trend. You’re never too old to play house especially now that you can wear your favourite porcelain pattern as an outfit.

Take a look at some of the coolest Blue and White porcelain print styles curated for your inspiration…

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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