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Try A Different Look This New Year! Check Out These 6 Luscious Hairspirations


Try A Different Look This New Year! Check Out These 6 Luscious Hairspirations


The new year signifies changes. We tend to make an effort towards altering every aspect of our lives and ourselves every time the clock strikes 12am on the first day of the year. Beauty is one of the easiest parts of who we are that we can alter for the better. For black women, a very important part of our existence is our hair. The black hair is a topic for all types of political and nonpolitical conversations but what we mostly love about our hair is its versatility; the fact that you can create any style with it.

Since the New Year is all about new beginnings we thought to share some stunning hairstyle ideas that you could use. From jerry curls to Afros and beautiful cornrows these hairstyle ideas will take you a step further to becoming the new “YOU”. Want to try something new this year?

Be ‘Hairspired’!







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