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Supermodel Diary: How COCO ROCHA Reshaped The Fashion World With Her Theatrical Poses


Supermodel Diary: How COCO ROCHA Reshaped The Fashion World With Her Theatrical Poses


I first stumbled on Coco Rocha almost a decade ago when she did a fantastic ad-campaign for one of the still famous high-end brands. What caught my attention was her theatrical poses; it was such a beautiful sight. The way she moved didn’t seem like modelling, it seemed more like a musical performance and that performance captivated my heart. Now at 29, Coco is a mother, a model and the author of ‘Study of Pose’, a book she released under Bloomberg Publishers.

Coco Rocha is a Canadian-born Giselle who started her career in 2004 after she was scouted at an Irish dancing competition by Charles Stuart. Two years later she was on the cover of Vogue Italia and thus the beginning of her successful career. She has since built a respectable personal brand that has been recognised by a lot of powerhouses in the fashion industry.

Coco like many of her supermodel counterparts have appeared in numerous campaigns and she has achieved an extensive editorial portfolio that includes being the cover star of several local and international editions of some of the biggest fashion publications in the world. She has also managed to build a strong and enduring relationship with Longchamp, the popular handbag brand.

Check out some of Coco Rocha’s style, poses and all…

Photo Credit: IG | Cocorocha

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