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Pretty Pretty! These RIHANNA Beauty Edits Will Make You Wish You Too Were A Star!

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Pretty Pretty! These RIHANNA Beauty Edits Will Make You Wish You Too Were A Star!


The Bajan Princess is everybody’s muse, from fashion designers to shoe artists. Everyone wants a piece of Rihanna and Photoshop geniuses are not left out. As it turns out, telling an edit from the real deal is becoming harder by the second. Just take a look at these images, can you tell which is real?

Photoshop geniuses, who are huge Rihanna fans, have dedicated time and several social media pages to honour the Princess. From editing what she wears like the picture above to enhancing or sharpening her looks whether she appears on the red carpet or for a photo shoot, every shot of the superstar is theirs to play with.

What is most fascinating is her enhanced beauty looks. These photo-editors take their time to airbrush or repaint a picture of Rihanna to near perfection. They dedicate their time to do their work and the results are surreal. Take a look at some of the Beauty edits that have got us wishing we too were stars with dedicated fans.

Check the stunning images out…

Photo Credit: IG | Rihelite, Perihfect, Pro.Police

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