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4 Things You Do That Cause Serious Damage To Your Natural Hair


4 Things You Do That Cause Serious Damage To Your Natural Hair

Great hair needs great care. No one would deny the fact that they want a healthy and lengthy hair. But managing a natural afro kinky hair can be very frustrating when it’s not properly taken care of.

You might be wondering why your hair is dry and brittle. Naturally, hair doesn’t come weak but it can get damaged if you don’t maintain it properly.

Here are 4 reasons why your natural hair is damaged

1. LITTLE OR NO WASH: A dirty hair can prevent growth because the dirt blocks the follicle which makes it so hard for your hair to grow. So don’t be deceived when people say not washing your hair helps it grow faster because it doesn’t.

2. USING THE WRONG SHAMPOO: Stores are filled with shampoos that are bad for your natural hair. Most normal shampoos can wreak havoc because they are drying and can lead to unwanted frizz which in turn causes your hair to lose it’s curl. Therefore purchase a shampoo meant for natural hair and made with natural products.

3. NO HYDRATION: Hydration means water and the only way to get water in your hair is  by dampening or wetting the hair. Water  is a requirement for curls because they need moisture to be healthy.

4. NOT LUBRICATING: There are a lot of products such as natural oils including coconut oil and argan oil, that can be used as lubricant for your hair. Without lubrication the hair becomes dry and brittle. To avoid breakage and damage, lubricate your strands as this makes detangling very easy.

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