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Ada Oguntodu Of ‘No Ordinary She’ Doesn’t Live By Popular Style Rules: She Makes Her Own!


Ada Oguntodu Of ‘No Ordinary She’ Doesn’t Live By Popular Style Rules: She Makes Her Own!


Staying up to date is what many fashion lovers do but not style infleuncer and blogger Ada Oguntodu of Playing around with clothes; different patterns and different textures is what Ada has known since she was 15. For her she believes in taking her pleasure seriously and that of cause is maximizing her fashion wardrobe and the ability to come up with fashion ideas that help the next person.

For Ada, being able to share her fashion finds, her latest combination, styling updates and general fashion details is relaxing and fun.

As a fashion blogger, one is expected to create their own distinct signature and that’s something Ada Oguntodu knows well. Unlike majority of her counterparts who favour trendy looks, the fashion blogger draws inspirations from ethnic-inspired pieces, vintage clothing, folk-inspired items and an almost natural flair. The ability to turn this vintage pieces into something remarkable is why we have singled her out today.

The blogger makes her own rules and lives by them! Her boho-chic, retro style is not something you see every day and that’s one of the reasons why we think she has championed fashion.

Here’s proof that she makes and lives by her own style rules…

Photo Credit: IG | Ada_oguntodu

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