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Aso Ebi Friday! These 11 Details-Filled Styles Prove That Sometimes More is More!

Aso Ebi

Aso Ebi Friday! These 11 Details-Filled Styles Prove That Sometimes More is More!


There is something exciting to look forward to every weekend, with the highlight of every weekend being all the interesting and dramatic Aso Ebi styles that pop up on our IG timeline all weekend long. The idea of going to a party in this part of the world leaves you with just one thought “How do I transform my Aso Ebi material.”

If you’re a stranger to the term and culture of Aso Ebi, here’s a quick intro for you: The Aso Ebi is that one uniform fabric that is provided to friends of the celebrants in order to promote cultural uniformity during special occasions like traditional weddings. In a typical Aso Ebi packet, there are two fabrics; the head wrap or gele and the main material which is typically a lace or Ankara fabric which is to be custom sewn into something fabulous.

If you’ve been keeping your eyes glued to Instagram, you’ll agree that fashionistas are either out to kill with their Aso Ebi looks or simply making sure no one outdoes their style except the bride. If you don’t believe me, check out these Owambe-ready styles and all the details that make up their glory.










These styles are pretty intense, with their elaborate detailing including beadwork, attachments and cut-out details. They are definitely marked as stylish and they are worthy of a remake.

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