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Yemi Alade, Tallulah And Others Give Us More Reasons To Love Ankara


Yemi Alade, Tallulah And Others Give Us More Reasons To Love Ankara


Why is there so much fuss when it comes to the Ankara fabric? That’s the question those who have not had the experience of actually wearing something made with the Ankara fabric ask. Of course when they finally come to the realization that the Ankara fabric is such a fascinating material, they pipe another tune.

This tune is in line with what we want to share with you today. It’s easy to see why the Ankara fabric is very fascinating: the details on the print, the design, the entire craftsmanship that salutes the African culture, makes it such a delight. However, this is just a part of our interest.

There are other reasons why we love the Ankara and that’s its versatility which makes detailing, cutting and styling very easy. Thanks to stylish fashion designers and fashionable women, we find that the Ankara has so much more potential than we once thought. When the Ankara fabric is designed beautifully and is worn by someone who brings it to life, our love for it increases.

Still trying to figure out what the fuss is about? Let Yemi Alade, Tallulah Doherty, Mizz Wanneka and others give you reasons to love the fabric more…







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