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Ketturah King Takes The Most Beautiful Pictures


Ketturah King Takes The Most Beautiful Pictures


Ketturah King is all about the fabulous life and a fabulous life includes finding fabulous spots to take fabulous pictures.  The host of ‘CNN African voices’  is a traveler and it comes with the job. As a host for the popular series, she visits several countries and cities reporting on stories for CNN. Her Love for travelling didn’t just happened, it’s always been her way of life. With parents who worked for the United Nations, she grew up living in different countries around the world.

While her life isn’t all fun and games, Ketturah loves to document the places she visits, her love for food and her interest in lifestyle. Her trips have her visiting top restaurants as well as interesting sites around the cities she visits. Ketturah also has a knack for taking some of the most beautiful pictures of the scenery around her.

Live through Ketturah King as you check out some of the beautiful moments she’s captured…


Photo Credit: IG | Keturah King

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