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Colours, Stripes And More! Popping Street Style Looks From GTB Fashion Weekend 2017


Colours, Stripes And More! Popping Street Style Looks From GTB Fashion Weekend 2017


We gave you reasons to look forward to GTB Fashion weekend because we knew it was going to be bigger than last year’s and we were not at all disappointed. With a wide variety of activities like the Masterclass and runway shows, it’s little wonder the venue was packed this past weekend filled with fashion insiders and enthusiasts alike.

Another fun experience from the GTB Fashion Weekend has got to be shopping. I mean, who doesn’t like to shop? Various vendors came prepared as they put up their wares for sale at amazingly discounted prices thereby drawing all the shopaholics to their stands.

The street style looks this year were quite interesting and one might argue that they outdid the street style looks from the just concluded Lagos Fashion and Design Week. I suspect that those who missed out on slaying at LFDW20117 came out to make up at GTBFW. Well, you be the judge.

Check out some of the street style looks from GTBFW…







@annflavour , @msjaydotaye @marcydolapooni

@bankesu @oiza08 @thedrkemi

@doctoridia with @tiwasavage















Jay Alexander

Off-duty Model













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