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Always The Charm: Check Out How To Wear Your VELVET During The Day And At Night

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Always The Charm: Check Out How To Wear Your VELVET During The Day And At Night


Velvet has never been one of those fabrics to stay gone, it has stood the test of time and it’s always a charm. Thanks to its luxe texture and look, it was a favourite for the royals of a certain century and from then till now it pops up on the fashion mainstream every now and then.

The ultimate way to wear the velvet is to make a statement with it. The idea of a velvet piece is to stand out and stand out you shall once you’ve followed this guide. We’ve broken down how to rock velvet whether its day light or sun down.

Check it out…

Day Light – See Ways You Can Rock Velvet During The Day

As a foot wear

Kendall Jenner

As a crop top

Miss Enocha

As a skater skirt


As an athleisure set

Klein Mexi Kanerin

The Night Life- See Ways You Can Rock Velvet In The Evening

As a slip dress 

Kim Kardashian

Paired with a blazer

Natasha Bissou

As a bell sleeve dress 


As a two piece set: Wrap top and flared pants 

Doina Cionbanu

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