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Simple Yet Stunning And Classy Ankara Pieces To Inspire Your Creativity!


Simple Yet Stunning And Classy Ankara Pieces To Inspire Your Creativity!


There are some things that can’t be easily ignored and African print is one of them. The fabric fondly called Ankara is one that represents and identifies with many people African descent. While some of the wax might be imported, for the most part, every pattern, colour and artwork that you find on an African print fabric tells a story; one that is rooted in our culture, our traditions and who what we collectively love as a people.

While the world has become one huge melting pot of cultures and traditions, somewhere along the lines we like to remember what makes us unique and the Ankara fabric is one of such things. This is why Style Ravens strive to create unique and stunning designs with their fabrics; a way of letting the world know that we take our fashion and traditions very seriously.

A look at inspiring Ankara styles curated to ignite your creativity…









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